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A history of Cathay Jewelry Inc.
over the past 55 years.



Cathay Jewelry Inc.,Foo Sing Jewelry Inc.,Diamond Line Jewelry Inc.,Lai Hing Jewelry Inc.and Heng Sang Jewelry Inc.

have shared a history of over 30 years in New York City`s Chinatown. Founded by Lap Choi Lau in 1972, the original store was

located in 217 Canal Street. The company`s origin dated back even further to 1962, when Mr.Lau opened the first store, Lai Sang Jewelry, in Hong Kong.




At the time that the Lau Family immigrated to the United States, there were only a handful of jewelry stores in

Chinatown. During his first visit to New York City, Mr.Lau was eager to discover the flourishing Chinese community

and endless opportunities America has to offer. He realized that none of the jewelry stores had a large selection of 24K gold jewelry.

24K, the pure bright yellow gold, has always been popular among the Chinese populaton. Mr.Lau was envisioning his

first US jewelry store on Canal Street to mirror the same capacity and quality as the stores he had worked so diligently to build in Hong Kong.

Consequently, Mr.Lau`s vision was well received in Chinatown. Customers from all walks of life were eager to purchase the

24K gold jewelry that they longed for. Mr.Lau proudly stamped on each of his merchandise the gold`s purity and to give his

customers a sense of security and an awareness of his brand. 

He also carefully selected jadeite from Burma, another popular item revered by the Chinese community, to include in his jewelry collection.






From being a young goldsmith apprentice in China to owning his two stores in Hong Kong, Mr. Lau`s accumulated

experiences and skills have helped shape today`s Cathay Jewelry Inc., Foo Sing Jewelry Inc., Diamond Line Jewelry Inc.,

Lai Hing Jewelry Inc. and Heng Sang Jewelry Inc. We thank our customers deeply for their years of support and loyalty. Today,

our stores also offer one of the best and largest selections of GIA certified diamonds and a wide range of diamond and

gemstone jewelry to keep pace with the evolving jewelry market and cater to the needs of both Chinese and American customers.